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Teeth are one of the most vital parts of a person. It is because of these teeth that a person can speak and chew food. It is, therefore, so important to take care of the teeth and overall oral hygiene. Experts recommend carrying preventive dentistry every 6 months to ensure that the teeth are in good condition. In addition to this, it is the most effective way to address even the most severe dental problem with ease in the initial stage and this is one of the prime reasons why Optimal Dental in Bossley Park has always been in favour of the treatment.

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Dental issues like cavity, RCT, tooth sensitivity is dealt with by dentists. But there are more grave dental issues other than these. Those are called the irregularities of the teeth arrangement where the upper teeth or jaw do not fall in line with the lower jawline or vice versa. These lead to a person facing difficulties in speaking and chewing. These anomalies are required to be addressed by orthodontists. These specialised dentists treat patients with such dental irregularities to help them achieve a beautiful smile, proper face shape, and normal bite. These issues come under orthodontics- a specialised branch of dentistry dealing with the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of mispositioned jaws and teeth in addition to the misaligned bite patterns.

Reliable Orthodontists in Bossley Park

Are you one of the many people who is facing such an issue? Do you find difficulty in biting or chewing? Do you feel that your lower jaw pattern is not in line with the upper one or vice-versa? If yes, then you need to seek orthodontics care immediately in Bossley Park. We are one of the reliable and reputed names in the field of dentistry- taking care of every need related to your teeth and oral hygiene. We are Optim Dental, a Fairfield-based dentist and orthodontist.

About Us

Optim Dental has been in this field for years. We are one of the reliable names in orthodontics in Bossley Park who cater to a wide range of dental services. We make sure that the advanced methodologies and techniques used help you achieve not only a beautiful smile but also an attractive appearance of the teeth. At our centre, you would get a modern and personalised approach to dentistry and orthodontics.

We have a team of experienced, well-trained, and knowledgeable orthodontists under the leadership and guidance of Dr Raed Said. Our orthodontics treatments are always different and personalised because we know that each one has a unique set of teeth and with different malocclusion, the approach cannot be the same in every case. We, since the day of our inception, have been relying on developing meaningful relationships with the patients to make them feel comfortable while they are at our centre for orthodontics.


Our Services

Our approach to the treatment is completely different and hence, we have segregated the problems into a different category. We believe that orthodontics is not an overnight job and hence, each day stands important when it comes to getting the right jawline. The following are the different services we cater to when it comes to orthodontics in Bossley Park— 

  • We render Early Treatment to patients who are close to 8 years of age. We believe that this is the best age when treatment needs to be started for aligned teeth and jawline as in a child, everything is developing, and moulding would stand easy at a tender age.

  • No matter whether the teeth line or the jawline is protruding out or not, the application of braces stands impactful in keeping the teeth in line by applying constant pressure onto the teeth over some time, slowly and in the desired direction. This is one of the most applied orthodontics treatments.

  • In extreme cases, where we believe that the application of orthodontics and dental accessories are not going to work, we go for orthodontics surgery where straightening of the jaws is done to ensure uniform and aligned bite.

  • We also cater to aligners for orthodontics treatment and is a better alternative for metallic braces.

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Call 02 9726 6262 to know more or book your appointment. At Optim Dental, be assured of the standard quality of services, hygiene, and quality orthodontics at the best price. We are always there to offer you all the related treatments with the best care possible.



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