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Dental Veneers with Aesthetic Looks in Fairfield from Optim Dental

Veneers are used to improve the appearance of your natural teeth dramatically while offering you the smile makeover that you desired. So, if you are worried about chips, misalignments, shapes, or discolouration of teeth, then veneers are the best solution you can have. By getting veneers, you can reshape the appearance of your teeth, can improve their colours, and hide all the imperfections to have a flawless smile. Apart from that, veneers are often used to close the gaps between natural teeth. 


So, no matter whatever flaws you have in your teeth, you get to improve the appearance of your teeth with dental veneers. And we can help you to get the best dental veneers in Sydney. The dental veneers we offer are made of the best quality resin composite bonded materials or thin layers of porcelain shell, crafted carefully to fit over the tooth surface. Therefore, no matter which option you choose, the dental veneers offered by us will preserve the natural enamel of the teeth properly.

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When should you get dental veneers?

There are many reasons for which you may like to get dental veneers in Fairfield. The popular ones include:

  • They are used to cover your problematic teeth.

  • Veneers are highly effective in covering your discoloured teeth.

  • People often opt for this dental treatment to close the gaps between teeth.

  • Veneers in Fairfield are also effective in restoring chipped or broken teeth.

Types of dental veneers you can get:

  1. Porcelain veneer: This is the costliest option for getting dental veneers. But what makes it highly sought after is the strength and durability of porcelain that offers them a longer lifespan. Besides, the aesthetics of these veneers come with a translucent quality that matches the enamels of natural teeth. Besides, people prefer this veneer as porcelain is very resistant to chipping and staining.

  2. Composite veneer: If you are in search of budget-friendly veneers in Sydney, then composite veneers are perfect for you. Here the composite veneers are sculpted on your teeth directly instead of being constructed in the laboratory. After that, the tooth-shaded resin will directly be applied to your tooth, where the dentist would shape and harden it with the help of a high-intensity light for offering the aesthetic look as desired. After completion, we polish the resin properly for eliciting a natural appearance like a tooth. This dental treatment process is quite less invasive and noticeably faster to manage. 

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How to Get Veneers at Optim Dental?

When you visit our clinic for getting veneers in Fairfield, the process starts with an initial consultation. The next procedures are diagnosis, preparation, and bonding. Here are the details:

  • Diagnosis and planning: During your initial consultation with the dentist, you will get to learn about the proper plan for how this process would be conducted. Here, the dentist will inform you of the results of adding veneers. Besides, during this process, the dentist would make the impression of the veneers while using x-rays to have a better understanding of your teeth' structure.

  • Preparation of the teeth: This is the next step of getting veneers in Sydney. Here the dentist would prepare your natural teeth for the veneer by removing around half a millimetre of the enamel. This will make the appearance of dental veneers seamless.

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  • Bonding: This is the last step of getting dental veneers in Sydney and one of the most important steps as well. Here the dentist will attach the veneers permanently to your natural teeth by using cement-like material. Once the veneer is positioned, a light beam will be used to harden the cement so that it bonds the veneer.


Once the process is complete, the dentist will evaluate your bite properly to ensure that the veneer does not restrict your ability to chew or bite. In some cases, minor adjustments are required before the cement settles firmly. 

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