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Crowns & Bridges Fairfield

Strengthen Your Teeth with Dental Crowns & Bridges

For many years, dental crowns and bridges are used to replace, strengthen, and protect damaged, missing, or broken teeth. At present, they work as a great and affordable medium to restore your smile.


The dental crown is cemented onto the existing teeth, or they are implanted by the dentist for covering an implant or capping or covering damaged teeth. And the dental bridge is the dental hardware used to “fill in” space in your mouth. And due to technological advancements, these days, it is almost impossible to differentiate between natural teeth and crowns. So, if you are here to get information about the crowns and bridges or want to get the procedures done, our dental experts can put you at ease.  

crowns fairfield east
bridges fairfield east

With dental crowns and bridges, we offer effective solutions to restore your smile:

At Optim Dental, we only use the best quality dental crowns & bridges in Fairfield that meet your expectations. Usually, the crowns & bridges we offer are made from porcelain fused to metal (PFM) or ceramic, but sometimes they are also fashioned from gold and base metal alloys. And no matter whatever the material is, the dental crowns & bridges in Sydney help to deal with different types of problems like:

  1. Restoring strength to the tooth that has been weakened over time.

  2. Repairing the erosions caused by cavities or decay.

  3. Covering up chips, cracks, general weakness, or flaws that have occurred after any trauma.

  4. Protecting teeth after the root canal treatment

  5. Apart from that, dental crowns or dental bridges are often used for aesthetic reasons for covering up problematic ingrained staining or blemishes for achieving a seamless and better smile.

We make Crowns & Bridges Treatment and Placement Simple:

Being one of the renowned dental clinics in Fairfield, we know how great it feels to get dental crowns and bridges when you are facing a lot of pain and difficulty in talking to people or chewing food. But before getting the treatment, we always conduct an initial consultation session with the patients so that they can be aware of what to expect from the procedure. In that session, we aim to answer all the queries of our patients regarding the treatment procedure while informing them about the benefits that the bridge or crown can offer. 

Besides, if you are thinking of getting dental crowns & bridges in Fairfield, but are worried about the procedure, just give us a call. We will talk about the process of getting dental crowns and bridges so that you can have a clear idea before you visit our clinic in Sydney.

crowns and bridges
dental crowns fairfield east

Treatment Procedure:

If you are ready to get dental crowns & bridges in Sydney from our clinic, the next step we will do is to take a digital impression of your teeth for checking the high level of accuracy. This will help us to offer you the most accurate and comfortable fit.

The dental crown and dental bridge treatment usually include two appointments. During the initial appointment, the dentist Fairfield of our clinic will perform a shade selection process for replicating the natural shade of your tooth onto the dental crown. After that, your tooth size will be reduced to accommodating the crown to sufficient thickness. The next job is mould preparation and the placement of a temporary dental crown. The procedure will complete with the insertion of the permanent crown in your second appointment after one or two weeks. And the permanent crown would be in harmony with your personality, smile, and bite. Before placement, we will check the colour of your natural teeth and the fit of the crown or dental bridge over your abutment teeth.

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