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Treat The Infected Tooth Nerves through Root Canal Treatment in Fairfield

When bacteria penetrate the centre of the tooth or the pulp, which includes blood vessels and sensitive nerves inside root canals can become infected and inflamed, causing pain. And if this issue is left untreated for a long time, an abscess can develop at the root tip. Next, the bacteria can spread to the jawbone and other parts of the body. And the root canal treatment is the most effective way to treat this issue while saving the tooth structure. In this treatment process, the affected pulp is removed, and the nerve canals are cleaned with an anti-bacterial preparation followed by the placement of temporary filling inside the tooth until getting a permanent filling or crown. So, if you want to save your teeth with a root canal and are looking for a good dental clinic in Fairfield where you can get the treatment done, we are one of the top names you can think about.


Symptoms for which you need root canal treatment:

  • Spontaneous or unprovoked pain in the tooth

  • Tooth loosening

  • Foods and hot and cold items cause sensitivity.

  • Facial swelling

  • Ache in the tooth while biting or chewing.

  • Swelling in the gums surrounded by the affected tooth.

Why is root canal treatment so important?

The immediate benefit of root canal treatment is significant pain relief. And in the longer term, the root canal process helps to preserve the tooth. The alternative treatment is the removal of the tooth, which leads to a space that needs to be filled immediately with an implant, crown, or dental bridge, which needs ongoing maintenance.


Besides, this treatment also eliminates the scope of bacterial infection while stopping the spread of infection, which will not affect your health. At Optim Dental, we follow the latest techniques for root canal treatment in Sydney that make the entire process painless. Even if the decay has affected the tooth nerve, and you are facing significant pain, then we can help you with the latest root canal technique where the tooth is mummified to relieve the nerve pain.


So, if you are looking for root canal treatment in Sydney, contact us to arrange appointments with our dentists. They will perform the necessary assessments and will answer all your concerns or questions involving this issue and treatment.


How do we conduct the root canal treatment?

At Optim Dental, we perform root canal treatment by using the most updated technology available in Sydney. To do this, we ask our patients to visit our clinic 1-3 times. In case you have a persistent infection in the tooth, or the root canal is tough to clean, then you may have to visit us a few more times for the root canal treatment.

Here are the things that you can experience during your visit to our clinic for the treatment:

  • On your first visit to our clinic for a root canal, we will try to get you out of the pain while draining the abscess. To do this, we will clean the decay out, place a secure filling on your tooth and then drain the infected or inflamed nerve. Then we will apply an antibiotic paste to the nerve canal for calming the nerve.

  • On the next visit, we will clean the infected nerve from the roots. Here the root canal will be cleaned thoroughly, and then an antibiotic dressing will be placed.

  • On your third visit to our clinic in Fairfield, we would fill the root canal with a rubber-like material. And once the canal is filled, we will fill the tooth with a core filling or base filling for offering support to the future crown. After the tooth is settled after root canal treatment, we recommend our patients use crowns for protecting the tooth against fracture.

In some cases, we also take X-rays to help you plan the customised approach for root canal treatment to plan customised approach by revealing the size, number, depth of roots, and curvature. It also determines the complexity of the cases. Even if you require some specialised treatments, we can refer to Dr Raed Said.

Usually, a root canal is performed with a local anaesthetic, which is beneficial in conducting the treatment without hassle. Being one of the best dental clinics in Fairfield, we always prioritise the peace of mind and comfort of the patients. We know well that patients often feel anxious during a root canal. So, we often offer mild sedatives to improve the procedure.



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