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Orthodontics Wetherill Park

Excellent Orthodontics Services in Wetherill Park

Not everyone has the natural teeth setting or the arrangement. Some have the upper jaw protruding out a bit as compared to the lower jaw and vice versa. Such improper arrangement or alignment of the teeth leads to overlapping of words while speaking or a person chewing his/her food leading to a health disaster. Therefore, such oral irregularities need to be addressed without delays. Visit us for the best orthodontics in Wetherill Park. We would provide you with the best consultation and solution.

Orthodontics wetherill park
Orthodontics Services in wetherill park

About Optim Dental

Optim Dental is located at 376 Horsley Drive, Fairfield. It has been an initiative of Dr Raed Said and the dental clinic is standing tall for years. It has the best dentist and orthodontist in Wetherill Park, catering to all the teeth requirements and abnormalities. The professionals at the centre put their efforts into correcting the alignment and ensure a much-improved bite function and an overall increase in health and well-being apart from restoring an attractive smile.

Being in the dentistry segment for years, the centre has been able to provide services that are most required. Apart from the general dentistry issues like RCT, cavity feeling, tooth extraction by a dentist to highly skilled and specialised orthodontics that include braces, aligners, and many more- we cater to everything precisely and with the highest standards.

The following are some of the top reasons why Optim Dental has been the top pick by the people in Wetherill Park and around—

  • Team of specialised, skilled, trained dentists and orthodontists working to ensure an attractive smile and reduced incorrect bite.

  • Use of the latest and advanced technology for flawless orthodontics services.

  • Comfortable surgery facilities with the latest pain-relief technologies

  • Outstanding array of equipment and specialised techniques addressing the dental needs with the latest advances including, dental implants, braces, and take-home teeth bleaching techniques.

  • Dental laboratories with the highest standard of safety and hygiene

  • Warm and comfortable hospitality

We have evolved as a reliable and reputed centre for all types of orthodontics in Wetherill Park. Book in advance with us for an appointment.

Effective dental care wetherill park
Best Orthodontist Near Me at wetherill park

At Optim Dental, be assured of getting a 360⁰ dental solution. We make sure that the dental problem of every individual is addressed effectively and efficiently. We are a team of dentists in Fairfield, orthodontists, researchers, laboratory experts always working to make the smallest of the changes precise to make the overall appearance attractive.

The following are some of the common dental services we cater to—

  • Fixing of Crown and Bridges

  • Emergency Dentistry & Dental Trauma

  • Dentures and Cavities

  • Infection Control & RCT

  • Teeth Whitening & Aesthetic Dentistry

  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The above services are catered by the well-trained and experienced orthodontist and dentist in Wetherill Park based dental centre.

Our Services

Irregularities in Teeth is Regardless of Age

Teeth irregularities or jaw misalignment are something that needs to be paid attention to from the very beginning. It is never age-specific, and the deformities can be found in both an adult and a child. However, it is highly recommended to consult a reputed and reliable dentist or an orthodontist at the earliest to get the problem treated.

We, at Optim Dental, recommend looking into the matter from an early age. This will help in addressing the issue in the most effective manner. A good treatment stands necessary because it impacts overall oral hygiene. In addition to this, any type of misalignment of the teeth leads to overbite, underbite, crossbite, crowding, open bite, and many more. Our orthodontist recommends starting the treatment at the age of 12-14 years when a child gets through fully developed adult teeth.

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Optim Dental- Always with you in your Dental Needs

Optim Dental has always tried to address the problem of the people by minutely looking into the case history of the person. Though most of the cases are natural yet there are cases when irregularities in the teeth arrangement have appeared when the person has met with an accident. We are perhaps the only one in Wetherill Park who cater to a wide range of orthodontics treatment.

Call 02 9726 6262 for more details. Confirm your appointment with us before paying a visit to us.


Our Address

Shop 2 & 3, 376 Horsley Drive,

Fairfield NSW 2165

Tel: 02 9726 6262

Opening Hours

NB Please call to confirm your appointment

Getting Here

A moments walk from the Smart Street shopping area

Five minutes walk from Fairfield Station

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