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Dental Implants Wetherill Park

Dental Implants Carried Out with Modern Techniques in Wetherill Park

Losing teeth is detrimental, not only for your health but also for your social self-confidence. In case you are having an incomplete set of teeth, then it is the best option to consider dental implants. It works as a revolutionary tooth-replacement solution that offers long-lasting and most lifelike results. Dental implants often range from complete replacement of lower and upper arch to a single-tooth replacement. No matter what the situation is, it is important to consult a good dental clinic before you go for the procedure. We are here to help if you are looking for dental implants in Wetherill Park. The expert dentists of our clinic will help you to decide the dental implant treatment preference, time requirements, suitability, and the total costing of the process before referring to Dr Raed Said for the surgical procedures.   

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We make dental implants easier and cost-effective:

At Optim Dental, we have a team of experienced dental professionals, including Dr Raed Said, who coordinates your care beautifully through every step of dental implants. As a result, these procedures of dental restoration like a bridge, single crown, or a full denture can play an important role in improving the lives of people who face issues like ill-fitting dentures, bridges, or missing teeth. So, by choosing to get your dental implants from us, you can enjoy the benefits of the implants, like the freedom to speak, eat, and a smile that you used to enjoy with all your natural teeth.


Being one of the most popular dental clinics in Wetherill Park, we aim to offer you the best rates for the best quality dental implants. We do not only offer the service, but we also guide our patients through the dental implants process while offering them the necessary advice on the best products for implants, which will suit their budgets and requirements. We also follow the computer-assisted method for implant surgery, where there is a small margin of error and where the manual process can result in a negative outcome.

Next, after completing the dental implant process, we offer our patients detailed instructions on caring for the implants while maintaining proper dental hygiene. And as dental implants are not like dentures, therefore you don’t have to remove them when eating or cleaning. Besides, you can brush and floss the implants just like your original teeth. And there will be no complications afterwards.


So, when you come to Optim Dental for dental implantation, you can assure to get the best implants through the latest procedures, which are highly effective and safe. Every dentist in our clinic is highly professional and experienced to conduct dental treatments, including dental implants, successfully without the chance of complication. And another best thing about getting dental implants from us is that we offer the job at a budget-friendly rate.

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Why consider dental implant service from Optim Dental?

  • Dental implants offer improved oral functionality: Dental implantation helps people to restore their normal jaw and teeth functionality. The implants function similarly to normal teeth. This means you can eat all your favourite food and cold beverages without fear.

  • Dental implants offer enhanced dental hygiene: Dental implants never have an impact on the adjacent teeth. This thing makes it comfortable to have and maintain for a long time. Flossing and brushing the implants is simple, and there is no risk of wearing those down.

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  • You don’t have to sacrifice your diet after getting dental implants: A tooth implant will not hinder your preference of diet. So, you can have all the food items that you prefer. You can also chew the food items as the implants will not get affected by them. Dental implants function just like normal teeth. The implanted teeth are unlike dentures, which often misalign and cause disturbances when chewing and eating.

  • Dental implants reduce bone loss: You will be amazed to learn that dental implants promote jawbone growth. Whenever there are missing teeth, the bone tissues begin to atrophy. But dental implants prevent further loss while instigating the growth of new tissues. This thing strengthens the jaws. 

  • Dental implants boost your self-esteem and confidence: The benefits of tooth implants are not only limited to the growth of the form and functionality of your teeth. They also help to boost your self-esteem and confidence. The implants imitate the natural teeth, and therefore you can easily avoid getting the more invasive procedures like dental bridges.



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