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Orthodontics is a dental treatment process that aims to correct the teeth position while improving the occlusion or bite of the patients and the appearance of their facial or jaw features. This treatment also involves using internal lingual braces, conventional braces, Invisalign, or clear braces. The orthodontics in Fairfield treatment helps to improve the health and function of one’s teeth while increasing the health and function of your teeth while increasing the health and function of the jaw and other facial joints. And when the teeth are in the proper position, it would be easier for you to maintain the best oral hygiene. This will also decrease the risk of developing gum disease and decay. As a result, the orthodontics treatment would improve your smile. And your search for getting the right orthodontic treatment in Fairfield Heights, then we are here to serve your needs.


We offer a full spectrum of orthodontics services:

We are one of the leading and most affordable dental clinics in Fairfield with the specialisation of offering the best orthodontics treatment. At this clinic, we have a team of dental experts including Dr Raed Said, the expert orthodontist in Fairfield. These experts offer a complete suite of orthodontic treatment options at affordable rates. So, whether you need invisible clear braces, self-ligating braces, metal braces, or white ceramic braces in Merrylands to improve your smile and beautiful, straight teeth, we can fulfil your requirements.

Being a certified orthodontics treatment clinic in Guildford, our treatment methods rigorously follow the evidence-based Orthodontics (EBO) treatment methods in Wakeley, where the braces are selected carefully for maximising the treatment success. Here we also offer the patients the best treatment options in Hinchinbrook depending on the top research.

We know every patient is different and therefore we always customise the treatment option for every patient according to their specific needs. The dental experts of our company along with Dr Raed Said, the expert orthodontist in Fairfield, offer you the necessary advice on performing the treatment. Besides, we also offer proper consultations for different types of orthodontics treatment. So, if you are interested in our services in Wetherill Park, we are always here to assist you.


Orthodontics Treatment Options:

  • Invisalign: If you are looking for this orthodontics treatment process in Smithfield, then we are here to help. At Optim Dental, we have created numerous Invisalign smiles to date. And this has made us one of the most experienced orthodontics treatment providers. Here we follow the latest procedures for performing this job, which allows us to show you the digital view of your new smile. When you visit our clinic in Fairfield, we also offer you an orthodontic assessment program where you can access the suitability of this treatment process.

  • Smile styler: This is another affordable and discreet orthodontics treatment method offered by every expert orthodontist to align your teeth into the right shape. So, whether you are having teeth alignment issues, crooked teeth, or spacing in the tooth, and want to correct the shapes of your teeth to realign the smile, then we are here to guide you thoroughly. At Optim Dental, we offer the smile styler solution in Prairiewood that even allows you to eat your favourite food and beverages and floss and brush normally while getting the best shape for your teeth.

  • Internal lingual braces: These braces offer you the necessary orthodontics treatment in St Johns Park without anybody knowing that you would wear braces. These braces are fitting to the backside of the teeth and therefore it is the perfect treatment option for patients, who look for undetectable orthodontic treatment in Bossley Park with the best results like realigned and straightened teeth.

  • Inman aligners: These are the removable pieces used to correct your front teeth within a few weeks. To perform this process, the dentists in Middleton Grange check the patient’s teeth and decide whether the aligners can address his/her dental alignment issues. If this process can fix the issue, the dentists would take your mouth’s impression for creating customised aligners and to fit it to the teeth.

  • Jaw surgery: For severe orthodontic treatment, jaw surgery is one of the best options to align the jaws properly.



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