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Dental Implants Fairfield Heights

Find Out the Superlative Dental Implants in Fairfield Heights 

At Optim Dental, we specialise in offering you the best cosmetic dental treatments with our implants that are so effective in replacing missing teeth. This is a solution that would prove effective for you in the long term and help you retain the proper appearance and functionality of your mouth. This also explains the tremendous demand for dental implants in Fairfield Heights. 

implants Fairfield Heights
Dental Implants Fairfield Heights

What are dental implants?

You can consider these implants to be artificial roots that would anchor your teeth securely to your jaw. These are cylindrical devices that are made using materials such as medical-grade titanium. Therefore, the dental implants near you are as durable as they are. 

When these implants are placed at the sites where the teeth are missing, they bond biologically with the bone that surrounds the area. Following this bonding, we cap it with a ceramic crown that is similar to the other teeth that you have. It is because of such a detailed procedure that we are the preferred name for dental implants nearby.

Why are dental implants used?

Dental implants are used for several reasons nowadays. The commonest among such applications is replacing missing teeth. The dental implants in Fairfield Heights can effectively replace as many teeth as possible that you have lost. 

Normally, we use one implant for each tooth that you have lost. Apart from the ceramic crowns, we also use several other implements to provide these implants with the appearance and functionality of your lost teeth. We use ceramic fixed bridges to secure all implants – partial and full. We also retain removable dentures so that we can stop movement in the affected area. This has a dramatic effect as far as improving the stability in the said area is concerned. We have more than 20 years of experience in the dental industry, and therefore these dental implants have become a mere routine for us. 

Dental Implants in Fairfield Heights
What are dental implants

However, this does not mean that we take the work lightly. The very dental procedure enjoys a rather high success rate. Therefore, when it comes to replacing missing teeth, this is regarded as the best option among them all. With dental implants, you would get back the teeth that you have lost. These implants would also improve the way your mouth looks. They would also function a lot better than the teeth you are missing. You can be sure that when you get the dental implants nearby, you will enjoy the best life that you could have ever hoped for. 

So, if you have lost your teeth as an adult, you can be sure that with these dental implants, you would be getting new teeth in the truest sense of the term.

Come and consult with us

If you have any doubts regarding getting such implants, you can always get in touch with us and talk to us about the issues you are facing. We would be more than happy to offer you a written treatment plan for the dental implants in Fairfield Heights. 

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A few Words on our Team

As we have said already, our team is immensely experienced in the ways of the industry. Therefore, they can offer you the finest crowns and dental implants in the area. 

How do we do our work?

We use the latest and best equipment and technology to carry out all the treatment processes that we offer in our clinic. Our facilities are as friendly and modern as you would want them to be. Therefore, people always come to us when they need dental implants nearby.

Get the best from the best

So, come to us if you want the best dental implants nearby from the leading dental clinic in Fairfield Heights. Our contact number is 02 9726 6262, and our official email address is You can use anyone that suits you. We are on social media as well – on Facebook and Instagram. So, you can join us over there as well. If you like doing things the old way, visit our clinic at Shop 2&3, 376 The Horsley Drive, Fairfield, 2165. We stay open from 9 am to 7 pm on the weekdays and till 3 pm on the weekends.  

best dental implants Fairfield Heights


Our Address

Shop 2 & 3, 376 Horsley Drive,

Fairfield NSW 2165

Tel: 02 9726 6262

Opening Hours

NB Please call to confirm your appointment

Getting Here

A moments walk from the Smart Street shopping area

Five minutes walk from Fairfield Station

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